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CONCEPT SANSTHAN has tried to reach out to the people of the region as well as of the state by publication of Brochures, leaflets, banners, posters etc. These publications have played a vital role in enhancing the collaboration of CONCEPT SANSTHAN with various Governmental and Non Governmental Forums, Schemes, Programmes and Activities. This has also helped to evolve awareness among the beneficiaries of the various programmes run by CONCEPT SANSTHAN. Some of the beneficiaries are inspired by the work of the organisation and have expressed their desire to become Social Entrepreneurs.

A study on cultivation / production was conducted in village Palnagar. There were 36 farmers whose production was surveyed. The fact that came to light was that all of them received benefit by the construction of dam resulting in continous availability of waterfor the farmers of the region. The study should that the farmers were able to irrigate extra land and some of them replaced gram by sowing wheat.

Even those farmers who used to give land for cultivation to others had stopped this practice seeing the rise in the productivity and had started cultivating on their own and were able to reap good income. The study stated the opinion of the farmers that there was need for construction and maintenance of such small dams in the region to increase the availability of the surface as well as ground water availability.

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