Center of Needy, Creative, Experimental & Participatory Techniques "Registered under 80G of IT and FCRA"

Sustainable Agriculture of Concept Sansthan

Around 4-6 billion people belongs to the bottom of the pyramid are landless and are devoid of resources to run their business. Such people are resource less yet can be employed, uneducated yet can be skilled. Multidimensional and varied interests programmes are running for employing the people.
CONCEPT support the beneficiaries to establish the Micro Enterprising Unit. Natural Resource Management like soil, water conservation by construction of dams, watershed, farm field bonding. Agricultural Resource Management includes organic farming, sapling plantation, horticulture and kitchen farming.
CONCEPT constructed stop dam, 7 Doh Construction, 1 check dam, more than 1000 farm field bunding and land leveling as well as planted more than 3000 sampling.