Center of Needy, Creative, Experimental & Participatory Techniques "Registered under 80G of IT and FCRA"

Milestones of Concept India Sansthan

• Women Development:-

Concept bought the metamorphosis in the life of marginalised women by making them independent from all aspects like social, economical and psychological. With the making of around 70 Self Help Groups and 2500 women who got a chance to be the part of CONCEPT have undergone the drills of skill training and orienting to sustainable system of life. Impart knowledge to the adolescent girls on education, marriage, laws, rights of women and family planning. Self Awareness march & meetings are held on "International Women's Day", every year.

• Livelihood & Sustainable Agriculture:-

Around 4-6 billion people belongs to the bottom of the pyramid are landless and are devoid of resources to run their business. Such people are resource less yet can be employed, uneducated yet can be skilled. Multidimensional and varied interests programmes are running for employing the people. CONCEPT support the beneficiaries to establish the Micro Enterprising Unit. Natural Resource Management like soil, water conservation by construction of dams, watershed, farm field bonding. Agricultural Resource Management includes organic farming, sapling plantation, horticulture and kitchen farming. CONCEPT constructed stop dam, 7 Doh Construction, 1 check dam, more than 1000 farm field bunding and land leveling as well as planted more than 3000 sampling.

• Skill Training:-

Workshops on different subjects like stitching, jute work, livestock, youth leadership, RTI, PTA, management of CBOS, organic farming, leather bags, dairy farming, batik and block printing, food preservation, beauty parlor, artificial jewels, literacy classes through laptops, computer operations and several other tasked helped them to get employed and gravitate the responsibility. CONCEPT crossed a centennial workshops within last 3 years. The number of people benefitted by workshops are more than 6000, out of which mostly are self employed.

• Gender Equality:-

CONCEPT is member of "Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work Place Committee". Concept's agenda is to maintain "Gender Mainstreaming" from top to bottom. To aware the women with her rights, laws and schemes made for her. Camps on Rights of women and Land Right and helps out with consultation. Establishment of 7 centres under TARA Akshar Literacy programme.

• Health Programmes:-

Conducting campaigns on sanitation, primary health care, cause and cure of diseases and contaminated diseases. Regular camps and campaigning on Primary Health checkups are organised. Sanitary Pad Campaign were also launched meanwhile. CBRs and PHC sectors am surveyed and also oriented strongly. Spreading awareness for diseases amongst the cattle and veterinary camp.

• Education:-

It's never too late to start up with learning. Various awareness campaigns are conducted. CONCEPT works on Unique Literacy Programme as well used IEC material as tool to study. Women in SHGs learns to write and read, whereas normal quiz and question rounds are organised to aware them for surrounding. Nukkad natak, pictures and storyboard helps them to understand the science based things easily. Educating families on health and hygiene. Workshops and seminars to raise EQ and IQ Level.

• Institution Building:-

We form NREGA Workers Groups, SHGs, Kisan group, Adolescent Girl Group, Village Development Committee and Federations. Organising ”YuvaSabha" to promote youth via education and their observatory learning.

• Networking and Linkages:-

It helps us to outreach the resources and enhance the visibility by the medium of networking and linkages. Tends to connect . more work from skilled entrepreneur women, resulting them to nurture their small businesses.
Networking enhances the recognition of social women at national and international grounds. Networking helps to globalize the skilled talents of community on a wider scale. Effective network includes relationships with municipal programmes, regional development agencies, govt organisation and dept., politics leader, industries, other NG0s, academies, advocacies, stackholders, potential financial groups and service providers.

• Research Documentation and Publication:-

Publication & documentation synchronizes to ease our work. The visuals emphasizes on the targeted people. Simple texts are bold enough to understand. They helps in introspection and exploring wider side of marginal hopes. Survey and analysis have stressed to open a better prospect of life so as to improve practices and improve efficiency.