Center of Needy, Creative, Experimental & Participatory Techniques "Registered under 80G of IT and FCRA"

Local Self Governance & Institution Building

Formation of VDCs:-

CONCEPT SANSTHAN has formed 7 VDCs and monthly meetings of these VDCs are held in each of these villages covered under our intervention. Some of the key issues that are discussed in the VDCs are as follows:-

arrow_sbconsultancy Discussion & preparation for tree plantation on World Environment day.
arrow_sbconsultancy Oath taken for plantation of trees.
arrow_sbconsultancy Discussion on depleting water level.
arrow_sbconsultancy Awareness against habit of smoking.
arrow_sbconsultancy Discussion on water shortage.
arrow_sbconsultancy Cattle vaccination to be done in June.
arrow_sbconsultancy Discussion on health and hygiene in immediate surrounding.
arrow_sbconsultancy Discussion on Farm field bunding.
arrow_sbconsultancy Discussion on ways to conserve water.

Youth Group Formation:-

Building the capacity of the youth to judge what is right and wrong is very important otherwise the youth gets lost in the wrong path. Synergizing the energy of the youth for development of their individual personality and nation has been a vital thrust of CONCEPT in the area of youth building and hence youth mandals have been formed at the village level. CONCEPT involves the youth in various activities and programmes undertaken in the community. There has been collaboration with Nehru Yuva Kendra for the overall development of the youth.