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IBM International team select Concept Society as partner of CSC program

Second Time Selection

IBM CSC team again selected CONCEPT SOCIETY for Preparing " Digital Literacy Module for Digital Enablement of Women and Youth from Marginalised Community." Where we conducted study as well to know about Impact of digital and Cashless system in Rural Areas. The project for the IBM team is to analyze the various user groups and prepare a training plan and strategy to teach the economically disadvantaged women and youth about the digital technologies in general and cashless payment methods in particular..

First Time Selection

To help Concept Society develop a plan for its Women’s Resource and Training Centre by doing a needs assessment questionnaire and interviewing some surrounding manufacturing, industrial and corporate concerns as to the type of trained employees they will need so that Concept Society can create training programmes that will result in employment for its women. Based on findings, create a project plan for the Centre that includes ideas for services, technology, resources and staffing along with an appropriate business plan based on decided financial model.

Focus Area:-

Training and Resource Center Needs Assessment

Team Mates:-

Whilst there is 12 IBMers together in Indore, India- A group of 3 for my project. Team consists of a lady called Anika from Germany and a gentleman called Tyler from Canada and Jessica Renee Towicz from Australia.

How this relates back to IBM:-

IBM's citizenship programs = Applying IBM innovation and technology to solve critical societal problems.


arrow_sbconsultancy Review WRC Self-Sustaining Business Model.
arrow_sbconsultancy Review and gather feedback for proposed Industry Needs Assessment.
arrow_sbconsultancy Consider integrated CSR/Employment/Diversity strategy.

arrow_sbconsultancy Introduction to Concept Society and IBM CSC
arrow_sbconsultancy Industry Needs / Demand for skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled labour
arrow_sbconsultancy Proposed WRC Operational Model
arrow_sbconsultancy Employment and Recruiting
arrow_sbconsultancy Skilled labor requirements (qty., training, contractual)
arrow_sbconsultancy Un-skilled labor requirements (type, qualified, contractor relationship)
arrow_sbconsultancy Contractor Considerations
arrow_sbconsultancy An integrated approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As it was started to provide a participatory approach to development, Concept Society focuses on providing social, economical and psychological support to the beneficiaries of its programs and projects. For their project, Concept Society wanted the IBM team to develop a strategic plan for its Women’s Resource and Training Centre by doing a needs assessment questionnaire and interviewing some surrounding companies about their employee requirement. Furthermore, the team had to create a project plan for the Center along with a suitable business plan.