Center of Needy, Creative, Experimental & Participatory Techniques "Registered under 80G of IT and FCRA"

Health & Hygiene

Health Hygiene and Nutrition Camps:-

The people and specially the women of this region lack heath awareness, the nutrition requirement, other health and hygiene related factors. Hence the following programmes were organized towards the felt need of the people. Health camps have conducted in the villages of Nagda, Bhangad, Rajoda, Baloda, Karnakhedi,Bhangarh, Palnagar, Rajeev Nagar Anwatpura etc. The aim was to facilitate better health care to these vulnerable people. Street plays, and other local and traditional communication systems were used to create awareness on health and hygiene related matters.

Veterinary Camps:-

Animal rearing and breeding is an integral part of agricultural activity. People lack awareness on veterinary health issues and hence they face lot of problems in keeping their cattle healthy. Veterinary camps were organized in Baloda. The aim of these camps was to provide basic veterinary health facilities on low cost. The camps were organized in collaboration with district veterinary service department which provided basic health facilities like equipments, team of doctors. The camps dealt with viral infection, bacteriological (Golghutu, Anthrax, Rokthaetc) etc. People were informed about the various vaccines for such diseases. Veterinary services and its importance of cross breeding and primary care of animals. Dr. Jyoti Kataria from veterinary health service gave his valuable services.