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"She Leads the Way", a Podcast Series by VANI

Dear All,
We easily spend 3 hours and our money to watch movies. I urge you to spend just few minutes to watch the last 25 years of struggles and achievements by Mrs. Hemal Kamat. We are happy to share with you the podcast "She Leads the Way".

"She Leads the Way" with the remarkable Mrs. Hemal Kamat. Our listeners are treated to an inspiring journey through her career in a male-dominated sector and industry. Mrs. Kamat delves into the challenges she faced and the tenacity that propelled her forward. With candid anecdotes and invaluable insights, she shares her triumphant odyssey, illustrating how she broke down barriers and forged her own path to success. This episode is a testament to the indomitable spirit of women in leadership, leaving audiences motivated to chart their course towards their own aspirations.

Visit this link and listen to her story. Motivate Hemal by your likes, comments and views, by mentioning Hemal Kamat in the link.