Center of Needy, Creative, Experimental & Participatory Techniques "Registered under 80G of IT and FCRA"

Welcome To Concept Sansthan

10 years of journey, 16 villages of Indore District, 15 Villages of Dewas District of Indore and Ujjain Division of Central India, CONCEPT Society was indeed the strongest platform to empower women, attaining the youth power and stretch the sustainable contribution of community since 2005.
Concept Sansthan bought a change in the scenario by approaching more towards the holistic, integrated, entrepreneurship and exposure method for the betterment of places under shadow and to the people who were resource deprived but equipped with skills.
Focused ambitions, skill intelligence and participatory techniques not only helped the people to overcome the social stigma and bringing a confidence to fulfill the deprived, outreaching more empowerment, more educational, health and hygiene to Indore division to stabilize more of socio-psycho-economic development. Concept is in collaboration with many CSR project, State & Central Govt, Foreign Funding & local institutions.

IBM International team select


IBM CSC team again selected CONCEPT SOCIETY for Preparing " Digital Literacy Module for Digital Enablement of Women and Youth from Marginalised Community."

Where we conducted study as well to know about Impact of digital and Cashless system in Rural Areas. The project for the IBM team is to analyze the various user groups and prepare a training plan and strategy to teach the economically disadvantaged women and youth about the digital technologies in general and cashless payment methods in particular.


Recent Participation in C 7, Tokyo Democracy Forum-Japan

One day Tokyo Democracy Forum organised by Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC). "Tokyo Democracy Forum (TDF)", invited civil society leaders to discuss challenges and opportunities with regards to SDG16+, Civic Space, and democratic governance.

Participation in C7 Summit 2023

Policy Pack- Communique released
Climate and Environmental Justice WG
Learn Multiple Crisis in the global Economy hit people's livelihood.
Learn How to promote partnership among Engagement group.
There was also session on strengthening collaboration between engagement groups, with the participation of representatives of L7, 17, W7 and Y7.

Messages from Our Ngo's Peoples


Donation in kind for tribal Children:- Woolen Cloth, Blanket, Shoe/Chappal, Toys, School Bags. Support to tribal women for sanitary Pads. Old working conditions Laptop and Computer for training center. Furniture and fixtures etc.